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About the site

In general, Yet Another Lilo & Stitch Fansite aims to be a comprehensive compedium of Lilo & Stitch knowledge. Specifically, I'm hoping to cover three areas:

  1. General knowledge: What Lilo & Stitch is and what it isn't. Information that allows people who don't know what Lilo & Stitch is to get a jist of the series.
  2. Specific knowledge: Details on characters, locations, plots, technology, language, and so on. Information that allows fans to settle debates or learn things they might not have known, and works creators (fanfic, fanart, RPGs etc.) to create a consistant enviroment from fic to fic and even from creator to creator.
  3. The fandom: Information on the fans' interactions with the cast and crew of Lilo & Stitch, on prominent fans in the community, and a showcase of fans and their work. Also, there's a forum, where fans can chat about their common interests.

Right now, the website is very incomplete. But through semiregular updating, I hope to build it up to a quality to which people can rely on for most subjects.

One final thing - unlike a lot of fansites, this one's here for the long haul. I'll try and update every few months, but even if I can't make that, I'll still try and keep you updated on what exactly is happening.

For more on my vision for this website, you can read this blog post.


A while back, around 2005, I had an idea to make a comprehensive website for Lilo & Stitch. This was inspired by a bunch of other fansites that, well, weren't very good, to put it mildly. I cobbled together an initial website, which launched in 2007. But then real life intervened, and I was unable to update it significantly.

Well, now I've decided to relaunch YALASFS, and hopefully stick with updating it this time! Although I can't promise, I'll at least try to stay on track. ^^;

About me

My name's Mark Kéy-Balchin, and I maintain this website. I'm a 19-year old computer geek who's into sci-fi and animation, and it's fair to say I quite like Lilo & Stitch.

To see what other stuff I do, be sure to check out my website at

About Lilo & Stitch

For those who just happened to stumble onto this little corner of the web, Lilo & Stitch is about a little Hawaiian girl named Lilo, the genetic mutant she adopts as her dog, who she calls Stitch, his evil genius creater, Jumba Jookiba, and Earth reasearcher and agent Pleakley, and the adventures they get into.


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