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Using material from this site.

As a Lilo & Stitch fan, I understand that you may want to quote or use the images from this website. That's fine, but I ask that you follow some guidelines first.


If you want to quote any of the text on this website, in part or in full, please provide a link to the page in question. It's good sportsmanship, you know!

Since part of our mission is to raise the knowledge of all Lilo & Stitch fans, you do not need to link this website if your work uses facts gleaned from this website, or if you merely write about facts gleaned from this website - only if you quote it directly. Though, doing so would be a really nice gesture!

Official images

Promotional images officially released by Disney for the explicit purpose of promotion (such as the images in the Characters section, or the main images in the Movies/Series section) were obtained from other websites and are used here under Fair Use laws. You do not need to link to this website when using these images, even if that is where you obtained them.


"Screencaps" or "screenshots" are still frames, or images comprising of several frames stitched together (for example, in a panning shot). All of the screencaps used on this website were taken by me personally; therefore, if you use a screencap from this website elsewhere, please link to the page you got it from.

Fan images/fanart

From time to time, this website will have images made by fans displayed on one page or another. This website will always have gotten permission from the artist before using this image. Before using a fan image you obtained from this website you must:

  1. Get permission from the artist first. The artist's website and/or contact information will be on the "Credits" page.
  2. Link to the original work. A link to the original work will be provided in the Credits page. Please do not link to the page that you got the image from on this website, unless either a) the image was created for this website (which will be noted in Credits) or b) the webpage for the original work is dead (e.g. 404 error.)
  3. Link to the artist. Recognition is important. Put a name to the image, and let people explore their other works. A link to the artist's website will be provided on the Credits page.

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