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Age (yrs)Unknown
ResidencyPelekai House
Kokaua Town
Kauai, Hawaii, Earth
Appears inLilo & Stitch
Stitch Has A Glitch
Stitch! The Movie
Lilo & Stitch: The Series
Leroy & Stitch

In a nutshell

Wendy Pleakley is a former agent of the Federation of Planets, being their primary expert on Earth - however, much of his information is either out of date or mistaken. After being assigned to help Jumba Jookiba capture Experiment 626, he now finds himself living with the former evil genius scientist and his creation in the home of the latter's adopted owner and friend, Lilo.


Pleakley is easily alarmed, and often takes things as far more serious than they are. In the face of certain peril, he will often freak out - sometimes repeating "what are we going to do!" several times. However, he often tags (or, in some cases, is forced to go) along with Lilo, Stitch and Jumba. This tendancy to panic does not mean that Pleakley isn't brave, either - indeed, he has shown bravery in the face of danger, for instance, saving Yaarp from a collapsing cave.

Pleakley is a major "neat freak", and often does the cleaning when Nani is away.


  • Pleakley is facinated by Earth fashion - in particular, that of human females. As such, he most often wears a dress as part of his 'disguise', and pretends to be Lilo's aunt.
  • Pleakley's given name, 'Wendy', means 'brave warrior' on his home planet of Plorganaaf.
  • Pleakley wrote his masters thesis on "Earth sporting events and their attendant fashions", which he worked hard on researching, although it is implied that it was graded poorly, since when Pleakley is asked about his grade on the thesis, he hesitently replies, "I was going through some... difficult personal problems at the time." The episode, which involves him studying his thesis to decide which uniform to wear for baseball, implied that his research on the uniforms wasn't wrong, but instead it was his research of the sports themselves.
  • Pleakley is a four-time champion player of a game virtually identical to basketball.
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