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Age (yrs)5-7 (main timeline)[1]
17, 27 (Skip timeline)
Adult (anime timeline)
ResidencyPelekai House
Kokaua Town
Kauai, Hawaii, Earth
Appears inLilo & Stitch
Stitch Has A Glitch
Stitch! The Movie
Lilo & Stitch: The Series
Leroy & Stitch
Stitch! ~Best Friends Forever~
Ep# 23: "Reunion With Lilo"

Lilo Pelekai

In a nutshell

Lilo Pelekai, a young Hawai'ian girl, lives in the island of Kaua'i. Along with Stitch, an alien experiment disguised as her dog, they try to locate the genetic experiments of Jumba Jookiba, which have fallen around their island home, and convince them to use their powers for good instead of mischief.


Lilo is a spunky little Hawai'ian girl who lives with her sister, Nani, in Kokaua Town, Kaua'i. She's enthusiastic, competitive[2], and shows signs of creativity, often retelling current events in a storybook fashion[3] or acting them out with help of Stitch[4].

She has a desire to socialise with the other members of her hula class (especially Mertle, Yuki, Elana and Teresa), however, they reject her because of her quirky manner and outlandish ideas. She has, however, found a friend in Victoria, who has adopted an experiment as a pet.

Lilo has a few odd rituals. Every Thursday, she takes Pudge, an orange fish who lives at a nearby beach, a peanut butter sandwhich so they can have good weather for the upcoming week (as she believes Pudge can control the weather). She also attempts to practice voodoo on the others in her hula class to punish them for misdeeds, though it is doubtful this does anything.

Lilo is highly interested in the occult and supernatural, including mummies, vampires and werewolfs, and sometimes draws comparisions between real life and the beings of the undead. She incorporates elements of these in her play (for example, a game called "Beach Zombies"), and is a fan of long-running movie series Wasp Mummies and Sludge Mummies.


Common mistakes


[1] ^ In Lilo & Stitch, Lilo is five. In Stitch Has A Glitch, Stitch! The Movie and throughout much of season 1 of The Series, Lilo is six. In The Series episode Amnesio, Lilo has her seventh birthday. For the rest of the first season, all of the second season, and possibly (though not probably) Leroy and Stitch, Lilo is seven years old. This timeline is based on a post written by Jess Winfield, executive producer of The Series.

[2] ^ The Series: Slugger, Spike

[3] ^ Lilo & Stitch: Toaster the Bear (deleted scene); The Series: Clip, Bonnie & Clyde; Leroy and Stitch

[4] ^ The Series: Sinker

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