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Gantu's Ship

Gantu's ship is a large grey spacecraft that highly resembles its owner, Gantu. It is the residence of both him, Reuben, and some of the experiments he has captured.


In Lilo & Stitch, Gantu uses his ship to attempt to transport Stitch and Lilo to the Grand Councilwoman. Stitch, however, escapes, and convinces Jumba and the others to launch a rescue mission, culminating in the destruction of the ship.

In Stitch! The Movie, Gantu has a replacement ship, which he uses to contact Hamsterviel. He later uses it to capture Stitch (again), but after Experiment 221 (Sparky) sabotages the ship, it crash-lands in a clearing by a waterfall, now unable to fly.

In Leroy and Stitch, Reuben repairs the ship for Lilo so that they can contact Stitch in the Big Red Battleship 9000.

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