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Animal Shelter

The Animal Shelter is a home for abandoned and lost dogs. It is run by the Animal Shelter Lady, a woman with long red hair and glasses.


In Lilo & Stitch, Stitch, mistaken for a dog, is taken to the shelter after being run over by a convoy of trucks, presumably in the (to them) slim hope that he had survived. When he recovers the next day, he finds himself in the kennel. He tries to interogate the dogs, but when that fails, he sneaks out the front via the roof. It is there he runs into Jumba, who tries to disable him. Seeking refuge in the shelter, Stitch tries to bang an idea into his head when Lilo walks into the kennel. Stitch poses as a dog, and Lilo picks him out.

In The Series: Sample, the Animal Shelter Lady calls Merwin, a failed alien hunter, about Sample.

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